Email Nolita Stewart Morgan if you have information on any of the lost tigers.

Christopher Alexander

Rhonda Alexander Castoe

Asked Caren to invite her to the FB groups.

Michael L. Anderson

Deanna Armstrong 9.23.22 Messaged her the alumni information on FB.

Lisa Barriger Martin

Brian J. Barry

Austin, TX - e-mailed 6/1/05

Bryan Bishop

LKA Norman - Kim Cox Wainner to notify

Kimberly Brewer Hall

Ann Brown RAMOS

LKA Cleveland County

Jacqueline Byrd

Christine Brown

Left message on her old h.s. number 6.6.06 -- longshot but still hopeful.

William Bullard 10.19.22 Forwarded website and FB group information to Dale on FB.

Sally Burnham

Ft. Collins, CO? Tamara left msg on her machine 7/10/05

James Burns Pearland, TX

Lorie Cheney CHEESMAN

LKA Cleveland OK 

Christina Clark

Lisa Cossey Taylor

Kasdorf? 9.16.22 Messaged on FB.

John Devanney

9.16.22 Messaged him on FB.

Laura Dickson

Darla Dolan

Reeves in Tulsa

Greg Elder

Left message at his old phone number from the h.s. directory 6.6.06

Frankie Floyd

Ken Foster

Cary, NC?

Rebecca Funk

9.17.22 Peter e-mailed.

Angela Gary

Mariam Gebru

LKA Decatur, GA? NOT CONFIRMED- message at h.s. phone number 6.6.06

Doug Gilbert

Melissa Goodwin

Tom Gray

Left message on his machine in Tulsa 7/3/05?

Rhonda Greeson

Rider? Asked Pat to message her the alumni information and I also messaged her on FB.

Chloe Griffin Babb

9/22 Asked Scotty Cross to message her the alumni information.

Cam Von Haile

9/22 Asked Missy to message Von the alumni information.

Mark Haines

Moved back to Norman 2012?

Bryan Hale

Robert Scott Haley


Stephen Halley

E-mailed via OU directory 7/4/05. SANDY, UT? 

Emma Alicia Hamilton

9.19.22 Friend requested on FB and sent her the alumni information.

James Hardy

Teri Harvey

E-mailed Lyndie Wilkes to see if she knows whereabouts...

Tammy Hayton Stapp

Norman, OK? 

Stuart Hazelton

Living in OKC?

Marcy Hobson Stellfox

Cedar Park, TX?

Matthew Holzer

Edward Houston

Erin Leigh Hunt

Kim Hyde Grace

Left msg on machine 5/30/05.

Tera Idleman Potts


Elizabeth Johnson

Greg Johnson

Jack Johnson

Cheryl Jones

Mike Kennedy

Amy Hatcher in contact with...

Lori Klein

Robbie Krenek


Brad Lambrecht

Anesthesiologist in Tulsa. Teresa to call...card sent to folks' addy 9/1/05

Wendy Lauchlan

Curtis Leger

Bob Leidy

Norman, OK E-mailed his wife via OU directory 7/4/05 

Dora Leonard Cannon

09.19.22 Messaged her the alum information and asked Cindy to invite her to the FB groups.

Benjamin "Seth" Liman


Ginger Long

Shannon Mann


Donnie Martin

Tony Martin

9.19.22 Nolita e-mailed him. #fingerscrossed

Duane William "Will" McClure

Mandy McCutcheon Raitt

Tonya Holmes to contact.

James McDonald

Eddie McFadden

Jennifer LaChance in contact with..

Niki McKenna McGuire

Chandler, OK - Card sent 8/16/05

Tom McKinney

Mark Mercer

Card sent to LKA 8/24/05

Eric Miller

Jennifer Miller

Robert Ryan Miller

Norman still. On FB and friends with some 86 packers.  Sent the website and group information.

Jerry Milton

Norman? 9.17.22 Messaged information on FB.

Dewayna Mitchell Petre

Contacted Betty Lou's Flowers and left website info

John Nett

OKC, OK card sent 9/5/05 

Cassandra Onofrey

Optometrist in Plantation, FL

Jimmy Pitts

Crested Butte, CO? 

Rod Joe Polzer

Danton Prosser


Teri Putman Jones

Lexington? 10.14.22 FB messaged her the website and group information.

Mark Real

8/3/2016 Patrick Davis in contact with...

Jon Reed

9.18.22 Found on FB and messaged. #fingerscrossed

Janel Rees

9/4/22 Talked to her sister.

Richard Reeves

Paul Reynolds

Travis Ripley

Robert Bowman in contact with...

Sabrina Roland


Joe Rollyson

Elaine Sandoval Pendergraft

Peter e-mailed. 10.13.22 Checked yearbook and she was in class of '87 but probably graduated early. Pinged her on Pinterest (I think) to confirm.

Michelle Satterlee

Carla Shassetz

10.10.22 Forwarded the website and FB group information to Carla on FB.

Scott Short


Paula Shrum

Messaged back in 2016 and again tonight 10.13.22 on FB

Dale Skitt

Arizona? 10.10.22 Forwarded website and FB group information to Dale on FB.

Brigitte Smith

9/6/22 Will ping her son.

Katherine Sorenson

Kim carded at church

Mark Sousa

on FB - friends with Wendy.

Cheryl Stanley

Wanette, OK?

David Stapp

David Stewart

10.10.22 Forwarded website and FB group information to Dale on FB. 

Tim Storey

Jay Sullivan

Card sent 8/16/05

Julie Swain

John Chitwood in contact with..

Sandra Lee Sykes

Wendy Takala Griffith


Bob Taylor

Folks in Orlando

Bryan Teel

09.19.22 Found a Richard Bryan Teel in San Diego. Will merge the entities in the directory into one. Asked Kirk Taylor to invite him to our groups.

Timothy Tipton

J. David Todd

Samona contacted his mom 6/7/06 and left information.

Randy Underwood

OKC? Noble?

Brad Van Schuyver


Kol Wahl


Jerry Walls

Brandon Watkins


Ben Wesner

Peter talked to Ben's mom.

Layne West

10.13.22 Looks like Layne graduated from Chickasha...

Rhonda Whipkey Mitchell

Ardmore? 10.14.22 FB messaged Mitchell Rhonda (looks like her to me) the website and FB group links. #fingerscrossed

Darin White

Norman? FB messaged the website and FB group links.

Roger Wofford

Work at Norman Regional? Norman